Jul 1: Earlybird registration for Peacemaker Academy

The Peacemaker Academy is inspired by the Nonviolent Communication work of Dr. Marshall Rosenberg, as well as by teachers and learners around the world. We seek transformation for ourselves, our relationships, and the world, both through tangible changes in the systems in which we live, and through consciousness transformation in ourselves and others.

Join Steps2Peace (and my sister Santha) in the Hudson River Valley on several weekends this fall to explore what it truly means to 'be the change that we seek in the world.' As they create a field of play in which you can open to mutual care and compassion, you will examine what blocks and what supports the Peacemaker within us and within our communities.

By applying the principles of Nonviolent Communication and by building peacemaking and leadership skills, you will explore how "process-oriented" work like NVC can effect change on a deep systemic level, in whatever context is meaningful to each participant.

Topics May Include:

Inner Work: connecting to needs as basic life energies   *   living in alignment with principles of nonviolence   *   living interdependence   *   being powerfully vulnerable   *   transforming our response to habitual triggers   *   getting off the wheel of shame and blame   *   empathy and self-empathy   * self care: connecting with your own needs   *   avoiding burnout   *   being effective and joyful in relationships and work *   overcoming hopelessness, anger, shame and blame

Interpersonal Work: expressing ourselves honestly and authentically   * creating the understanding and connection we want * hearing others' experience in ways that deeply resonate with our own   *   rethinking how we hear and value story, the past, narrative and identity * transforming conflict to partnership *  learning how to hear" no", how to say "no"

Peacemaking and Changing the World: developing a needs-based focus for greater  effectiveness and systems change   * creating strategies that value everyone's needs   * transforming our perception to avoid replacing one system of domination with another   *  reconciliation and forgiveness  * supporting willingness to change in ways that respect and value all life   * violence, peace  and  nonviolence   * using restorative principles for systems change *  Restorative Circles *  community and community well-being   * the nature of power: power over and power with   *   gratitude and mourning *  spirituality  *   money as relationship   *   taking dialogue to the level of shared connection and shared strategizing   *   skills to stay in challenging dialogues

In addition to four Residential Trainings (September 6-10, October 6-8, November 3-4, and December 1-2), this program includes weekly tele-classes led by a trainer, weekly practice sessions, and participation in a Restorative System throughout the four months of the Academy.
Residential Trainings will take place just two hours north of NYC at Miriam's Well in Saugerties, NY. Miriam's Well is a beautiful sanctuary dedicated to spiritual growth and transformation , located where the Catskill Mountains meet the Hudson River Valley.  Between the monthly gatherings, there will be weekly teleclasses with a trainer and weekly partner support sessions.

More information is available on the Steps2Peace web site, and you can check back for updates and discussion on the Facebook event page.  An earlybird registration discount of $200 applies before July 1.

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