July 15-28: Tour de Frack Marcellus bike tour


Activism in Motion...  Welcome to Tour de FRACK (tdf), an action oriented way to explore rural communities and the effects unconventional gas drilling from the saddle of your bike.  Traveling by bike connects you to a place in a way that no other mode of transportation does.  It allows you to see people, land, and even time from a new perspective.  

The bike is only a small part of the story.  This effort is designed to be a change in perspective and a vehicle to pull the national focus towards human tales of fracking while uniting the voices of those who have lived and seen its true dangers.

We are organizing a 14-day bike tour from July 15-July 28, 2012 from Butler, PA (about 45 miles north of Pittsburgh) to Washington DC along the Great Allegheny Passage (GAP) and C&O towpath (C&O)Along the Way We Will:

  • Organize, facilitate, and coordinate with events along the trail
  • Explore sites of proposed wells
  • Study renewable energy sources along the ride (wind, solar, and water power)
  • Point out the continuing damage caused by coal mining (acid runoff, mountain top removal)
  • Support local economies
  • Deliver personal accounts to the White House, EPA, Congress, and other bodies in DC
Want to join tdf?  Want to tell your story? Want to help organize?  Want to donate?  Want some tdf gear? You can also find tdf on Facebook.

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Pennsylvania the Beautiful said...

Thank you for promoting this action. Keeping checking www.tourdefrack.com for new details.