Mar 16: Progressive Visions video contest

2012 Progressive Visions Short Video Contest:  So you're making a short film...  Is it about civil liberties under siege? Checking the power of corporations? LGBT rights? Global climate change? Marcellus Shale gas drilling? An over-the-top parody of certain "news" hosts? Opportunities for minorities (race, ethnicity, ways of thinking, etc.)? Your vision for the future? Or how about women in politics?  We think it would be exciting to see whatever YOU care about and want other people to care about, too.  Until we make this one really hot annual film festival, the message trumps production value for now.  Go for it!
Once again we have prize money to award! There's no fee to enter. Entries are due by 16, 2012.  Visit the 14th Ward Democratic Club web site for more details!

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