Nov 8: Election day!

Today is the day -- yes, it's an "off" year, but one of the most important things you can do today is to get out and exercise your right to vote.  Help a friend or neighbor vote, by offering to look after kids, or give a ride to the polls.

Some good progressive candidates to support include Kathryn Boockvar (for Commonwealth Court), David Wecht (for PA Superior Court), and both Alex Bickett and Mike Marmo (county Court of Common Pleas).  Since both major candidates for Allegheny County Executive want to frack the living daylights out of any land they might control, there is a write-in campaign for energetic fractivist Dana Dolney.  I'm not sure how close the race will be, so such a vote might be more than symbolic -- but we do need to get the message across that Marcellus (and Utica) shale gas extraction can far more damaging than its value as a revenue source.  Another campaign has been set up to write in Jordan Miles for District Attorney (to express dissatisfaction with Steven Zappala's handling of the Miles case).   

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