Nov 15: Occupy DUG East

On November 15th, Halliburton is hosting a reception for the rest of the oil and gas industry to kick off the Developing Unconventional Gas conference. At 5:15pm, we will march from Occupy Pittsburgh to the David Lawrence Convention Center and kick off our occupation of the conference with a people’s reception for economic and environmental justice.
The gas industry is poisoning our air and water and hijacking our so-called democracy. They say they are bringing economic opportunity but all we see is exploitation. Stand with us to resist corporate power - join the people’s reception or organize your own creative action to disrupt the conference!
In the spirit of movements across the country against corporate power, local organizers, activists, and occupiers are calling for an occupation of the Developing Unconventional Gas conference in Pittsburgh.
Tuesday at 5:15pm - March on the conference, meet at Occupy Pittsburgh/Mellon Green
6:00pm - People’s Reception and Occupation begins, David Lawrence Convention Center
(Sign-making and flash mob practice on Friday, November 11 at 7pm at the T-station at 6th St. and Ross Ave, below Occupy Pittsburgh)

And as always, check out Marcellus Protest's own event calendar;  Maren doesn't always get a chance to post events as soon as they do.  

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