Sep 27: MoveOn rally about election rigging

Echoing an action that started Wed 9-21-11 in West Chester outside of Pa Sen Pileggi's office in protest Pileggri's proposal to change how electoral votes are awarded in Pennsylvania, Greater Pittsburgh MoveOn is hosting a rapid response rally outside of Gov. Tom Corbett's office at 301 Fifth Ave. in the Piatt Place Building downtown Pittsburgh.

The plan put forward by Sen. Pileggi is shameless ELECTION RIGGING.  Monkeying around with PA voters‚ ability to elect a president less than 14 months before the election is a bald-faced and shameful attempt to RIG THE ELECTION.  Even right-wing political pundits are condemning Pileggi's plan, calling it "nakedly partisan" and "so transparently political that it would surely do lasting damage to the GOP not only in PA but nationwide." [The Weekly Standard]

Please lend your voice and energy to this critical action.  Sign up Event URL:

Action United's protest outside of Sen. Pileggi's Chester office took place Wed 9-21-11.  About a dozen people participated over the course of the hour-long protest, which included street theater and signs, and the event was covered by the Delaware County Daily Times.  The Delco Times also published a scathing editorial yesterday, and Action United has posted a YouTube video.

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