Sep 21: International Day of Peace

24 Hour Peace Vigil 

(September 20 - September 21)
From midnight Tuesday to midnight Wednesday, St. Benedict the Moor church will have its doors open to individuals, families, and groups who would like to observe the interfaith peace vigil through prayer, meditation, or peaceful contemplation.

***Please join members of the P.G.H. community Tuesday night for a Midnight Meditation. From 12:01 - 2:00 AM at St. Benedict the Moor Church, we will be opening the 24 hours of peace with meditation followed by music and drumming. Please bring crystals, incense, candles, drums, and other sacred items as we create a powerful surge of energy to set the stage for the events that will follow the next day. Our presence and intention can truly make an impact; starting in our own community and spreading like a wave throughout the world.

Rally Against Violence and Gathering of Hands at City- County Building

On Wednesday September 21st, there will be a noon-time Rally Against Violence and Gathering of Hands on the steps of the City-County building on Grant street. This will include reading names and lighting candles in remembrance of the victims of violence in Pittsburgh as well as messages from friends and families. Following the reading will be a Gathering of Hands to strengthen our committment to change. Right in the heart of our city, this will be an important opportunity for people to take a moment from their busy day to observe the effects of violence. The more people who attend, the more powerful the message, so spread the word!

Blessing of the Peace Pole

At St. Benedict the Moor Church and Freedom Corner, beginning on Wednesday at 7:00 PM, there will be a blessing of a Peace Pole inscribed with the universal invocation, "May Peace Prevail on Earth" in 8 languages followed by an international flag ceremony with 196 flags. This is will be followed by a multi-faith prayer service, and readings from the Poets for Peace at 8:30.

Click Here for a map and directions to St. Benedict the Moor Church

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