June 26: Transition Pittsburgh in Frick Park

There's been a lot of sadness and grief in our world over the oil deluge and the Marcellus Shale issues we face locally. To combat this, our out-of-town Transitiony-type Cultural RECyclist friends have offered to plan a semi-spontaneous gathering at Frick Park this weekend! Kevin May, a student at Penn State and one of the graduates of the original TransitionPGH T4T, is back in Pittsburgh briefly with some new friends - check out Kevin, Tina, Charlie and the other Cultural RECyclists as they bike across the United States, spreading messages of Transition, sustainability and hope.

There will be Wild Edible Food Walks, a Transition Info Table, perhaps a potluck if people want to bring picnic-type food, as well as a Book Swap! (bring any of those environmental, social justice, or otherwise-Save-The-World-type books that you don't read anymore to trade with others).

Hope to see you there - bring your family and friends!

Starting around 3 p.m. in the vicinity of Blue Slide Playground, near the intersection of Beechwood and Nicholson in Squirrel Hill.

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