Oct 9: Sustainability and computer science seminar

Customizing Commute Ecology: a community-empowered road for electric vehicles by Illah Nourbakhsh.

While the auto industry continues to make incremental progress toward competitive electric vehicles, we pose a strategic question: can we effect disruptive change in the economics of electric vehicles by improving the systems-level interaction of a vehicle with each unique commuter? This talk will motivate and describe ChargeCar, a new CREATE Lab project that combines direct community engagement with a hybrid supercapacitor-battery energy management system to increase EV efficiency while decreasing battery duty. We will describe a prototype hybrid system, a national urban commute warehousing program, a regional economic development strategy, and early analytical results based on energy models and actual commute data. Following the talk and discussion we will offer demonstrations and rides in an electric car at the Gates Highbay.

1:30PM, Rashid Auditorium (GHC 4401, near the Forbes entrance to the Hillman Center)

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