Oct 11: Public Star Party

Share the wonders of the night sky! Please join the Amateur Astronomers Association of Pittsburgh at their Mingo Creek Park Observatory site, in Washington County's Mingo Creek County Park, as they host public star parties. Dress warmly! Bring something to drink; there's no running water. Arrive before dark, and park your car at the bottom of the hill. Wander amongst the members' telescopes on the hill. Enjoy sharing views through the members' telescopes, as you make your way to the club's observatory atop the hill. Once there, look through the club's permanent 24" RC and 10" refractor. Also enjoy the displays and astronomy videos. The planetarium continues to be under renovation. The star party ends, depending on conditions, sometime after it started -- typically between 9 p.m. and midnight, or later. www.3ap.org

October 11 and 24 at the Mingo Creek Park Observatory, Washington County (conditions permitting).

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