Dec 8: Self-Help/ World-Help Program

December 8:  Self-Help/ World-Help Program.  All Around is a new multi-purpose program blending self-improvement and improving the world.  Its goals are to help people build up their time, money, health and skills so they can do more for themselves and the world, support people's goal-attainment and efforts toward personal fulfillment, and support people's efforts to create a better community and world.  It's an integrated program for adults and mature teens.

They’re seeking a diversity of people so that everyone can both “reach a hand up for help, and reach a hand down to help others.”  At a time when people are economically stressed, All Around’s networking, support and skill-building can help build personal power.

The 1½ hour format allows 30 minutes for goal attainment support; 30 minutes for the Action Time (learning skills through Skill Exchange, getting feedback through Sounding Board, or doing advocacy); 15 minutes for Networking and celebrating accomplishments; and 15 minutes for the After Café social time.

The program begins Monday Dec. 8th, 7:00-8:30 pm , at the Garfield Community Center , 113 N. Pacific Ave.  To learn more, visit or call 412-363-9792.

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