Dec 6: Jonkanoo (Junk-A-New) in East Liberty

December 6:  The Legacy Arts Project presents JONKANOO (Junk-A-New), the Art of Red, Black, and Greening...  using the arts as a vehicle to raise consciousness and encourage participation of inner-city residents in the Greening of America. 
Jonkanoo is a world-renowned festival that originated in the Caribbean Islands.  It is a celebration of life that sprang from a people enslaved in body but not in mind or spirit.  We are building on the African American tradition of re-gifting out of necessity and practicality, and the longstanding African traditions of producing handcrafted goods, materials, and art forms.  
 The Legacy Arts Project is taking a slightly different spin on the traditional Jonkanoo festival by calling it Junk-A-New -- along with the celbration of the arts and heritage of Jonkanoo, we intend to educate the public on the many ways to recycle trash and junk -- creating art, alternative energy sources, donations, and other creative reuse.  We want to teach the community about African/Caribbean culture, but also engage people in preserving both the planetary environment and the local environment.
The program will include a keynote speaker on global warming and other environmental issues facing the inner city, information booths, art & music, and workshops.
(10 a.m. - 7 p.m. on Saturday, December 6, at the Kingsley Association, 6535 Frankstown Ave., East Liberty, 15206.)

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