Nov 22/23: New ROCIS cohort begins

ROCIS (Reducing Outdoor Contaminants in Indoor Spaces) is launching their next virtual air quality monitoring cohort – Cohort 50! - soon.  It is ideal to have participants who are already engaged in air quality advocacy (but all interested folks are welcome!).  Please share this information with others who may be interested in participating. 

The first step is to participate in an introductory webinar (either Monday night 11/22/21 or Tuesday morning 11/23/21) to better understand what is expected.  The webinar sign-up is here.   After that, webinar attendees can decide whether or not they want to sign up for the cohort.  Monitoring will begin on December 6th, and run through January 18th (it's fine if folks are away for a week or so during this period).  
Here is what one 2020 virtual cohort participant, Ann, said, "I was grateful to be a part of the ROCIS Virtual Cohort. The time and effort to participate were well worth it. My family and I feel we now have a greater understanding of our indoor and outdoor air quality and how to make changes to improve it. Thank you to everyone at ROCIS for this great opportunity!"
At the recent Wrap-up meeting from the last cohort, another participant said, “I am amazed at the high impact of simple solutions”
Here is the link to the ROCIS webpage describing the upcoming webinar and cohort. 
After the introductory webinar, and a person commits to participate, we drop off a loaned monitoring kit.  
This includes:  
3 Dylos particle monitors (1 outside, 2 inside)  
2 radon monitors
1 carbon monoxide monitor
1 CO2 (carbon dioxide) monitor  
Folks participate in the virtual meetings online.  Access to the internet and a computer are needed.  Participating in a cohort provides an opportunity to learn a lot more about indoor sources, and to more clearly see the interaction between outdoor and indoor air quality. 

Program leaders:  
Linda Wigington
ROCIS Team Leader
724 852 3085;   724-986-0793 (mobile)
Emily Dale 
ROCIS | Reducing Outdoor Contaminates in Indoor Spaces 
LCMP Coordinator 
724 833 8223 

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