Sept 24: March for Climate Action

Rise Up and Strike for Climate Justice!

Join Sunrise Pittsburgh and many other local groups, along with millions of others around the world, as we take to the streets for intersectional climate justice!

12-3pm on Friday the 24th, starting at Schenley Plaza and marching to 414 Grant Street (City-County Building) downtown for a rally.  Please wear a mask, and bring your own reusable water bottle.  Check out the Facebook event for updates and to RSVP.  

The world is in a state of emergency.  Across the globe the climate crisis is wreaking havoc on our communities, destroying our homes and livelihoods, and leaving death and destruction in its wake.  The message is clear: our extractive system has resulted in the greatest crisis we have ever faced, and now we must rise to combat this monster of our own making for all of our futures.  We cannot let politics or corporatism convince us that there is no way to stop it, because there is: a just transition from fossil fuels to a regenerative economy.

We know this can't be done in a day, but the fight has begun and now we must act strongly to show those in power that we are united and will not back down.  That is why we are calling on you, citizens, organizations, and communities, to join us in this fight.  To be truly united for a future that reflects justice for all.

Our Demands:

• Represent Youth in Local Climate Decisions.  Pittsburgh politics has failed to be truly representative of all its communities, especially its youth.  We want diverse representation at the table and an actual part in the decision making process -- we are not pawns for press points.

• Ban Fracking!  In addition to exacerbating climate change, fracking harms our communities and destroys our county's beautiful wild spaces.  That is why we demand that Allegheny County ban all new fracked gas wells and move towards closing all remaining wells, while ensuring the protection and new employment of their workers.

• Tax Big Business for Green Infrastructure.  Big Businesses like UPMC and fossil fuel companies must be taxed to help fund new Green Infrastructure programs; these programs will get us to the 100% renewable energy threshold mandated by the latest IPCC report

• Stop Line 3!  We are demanding that the US Federal Government halt ongoing construction of Line 3, an oil pipeline being constructed in Minnesota which will not only potentially leak harmful chemicals into the environment, but contributes to fossil fuel infrastructure and the ongoing environmental racism and treaty violations against Native Americans particularly the Anishinaabe.  (More info:

• Just Transition and Clean Jobs for All.  We are demanding a Just Transition to 100% renewable energy and a regenerative economy by 2050 and a crucial part of that will be ensuring that all people have clean, green, healthy jobs that pay a living wage.

• Fight for Intersectional Climate Justice.  As a movement, as communities, and individuals, we must acknowledge the intersectional nature of our struggles and work together towards the goal of a safe, healthy, and regenerative future.  We need to put aside the idea that our movements are separate, and address issues of race, class, gender, identity, policing, and government in tandem with our environment. 

Who we are:  

350 Pittsburgh, Asian Solidarity Alliance, Beaver County Marcellus Awareness Community, Breathe Collaborative, Casa San Jos√©, Clean Water Action, Climate Reality Pittsburgh & SWPA, Concerned Ohio River Residents, Creatives for Climate, FracTracker Alliance, Green New Deal for Pittsburgh, Green Party of Allegheny County, Group Against Smog & Pollution, Heartwood, the Izaak Walton League of Allegheny County, Marcellus Outreach Butler, Ohio Valley Environmental Resistance, OnePennsylvania, Palestinian Solidarity Committee, PennFuturePitt Asian Student Alliance, Pittsburghers Against Single-Use Plastic, Protect Penn Trafford, Putting Down Roots, Socialist Alternative, Sunrise Pittsburgh, Women for a Healthy Environment, and countless individuals.


Unknown said...

No-one can stop evolution as life on earth moves on . We can not keep adding additional people and destroying the clean drinking water by polluting it . We need clean air to breathe and stop lung and heart disease . Our land grows the food we need . It can not contain toxic heavy metals to poison us because industry wants to cut costs . Government is supposed to protect the people by using its policing powers . Petrol chemicals destroy the air , land , and water and it has to stop.

It’s too late. said...

I agree 110 percent. You do realize it’s too late. It’s nice that people care but seriously, ask any one who is in the know, like Andrew Yang, it’s too late. We are going to have to deal with it now.