Apr 28: Food Waste and Our Environment

The Group Against Smog and Pollution (GASP) makes the connection between food waste and the environment.  

Consider this: About 40 percent of food grown and produced in the United States goes uneaten – that’s $165 billion worth of wasted dairy, meat, produce, and more. In fact, the average American family throws out about 25 percent of the food they buy each week.

All that waste takes an environmental toll. For one thing, that uneaten food is all too often relegated to local landfills where it rots, emitting potent greenhouse gases like carbon dioxide and methane. 

Experts say that we could cut out food waste by just 15 percent nationally, it would not only stave off these emissions, but also save enough to feed 26 million people.

Join GASP for a panel discussion with two Pittsburghers who are helping to lead the charge against food waste locally – Dylan Lew, of Ecotone Renewables, and Sara Swaney of 412 Food Rescue.

Learn more about the problem and how YOU can be part of the solution.

6 p.m., on Zoom.  Free & open to the public -- register here.

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