Mar 23: Teach-In on BFFPPA

 What is the Break Free From Plastic Pollution Act -- and how can you support it?  

This event will feature:
  • A presentation (giving an overview of the BFFPPA bill) from Congressional aides:
    Dr Anja Malawi Brandon (Senator Jeff Merkley) &
    Shane Trimmer (Congressman Alan Lowenthal)
  • Alexis Goldsmith: National Organizing Director of Beyond Plastics sharing how we can support the bill
  • A short film by Stiv Wilson (creator of "Story of Plastics”)
  • Live Q & A session

7-8:30 p.m. EDT, online.  For more info and to register to receive the sign-on link, click here
Co-hosted by  PASUP, A-Z Impacts of Plastics, and several other organizations including Putting Down Roots.  You can keep up with developments on Facebook

More about A-Z Plastics: This event will not only showcase this groundbreaking legislation, but it will also kick off of the A-Z series 2.0! Last summer People Over Petro and many of its partners joined in a summer digital series and summit called Tackling theA-Z Impacts of Plastic - From Fracked Gas to Plastic Pollution in the Ohio River Valley and Beyond. Hundreds of people joined in  a social network with events, arts, and discussions around the impacts of plastic and what we can do about it. See for more info, to join the A-Z community, and watch recordings of past events.

More about PASUPPittsburghers Against Single Use Plastic is a group advocating for a systemic & equitable shift away from plastic. Learn more and get involved by visiting

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