Apr 6 or 7: ROCIS introduction

While everyone's cooped up at home, it's the perfect time to learn about your indoor air quality, the effect on you and your family, and (most importantly) opportunities for improvement.  ROCIS stands for Reducing Outdoor Contaminants in Indoor Spaces, which is especially important for people living in polluted places like Pittsburgh.

Are you interested in borrowing air monitoring equipment for a month, while engaging with other cohort participants and the ROCIS team?  Consider joining our first Virtual Cohort!  It'll run from April 16 to May 15, and there will be a webinar to explain the Low Cost Monitoring Project (LCMP).   Lots more information and reflections are here.

The basics:  to join the cohort, participate in the webinar:  either 7 p.m. on Monday April 6th or 11 a.m. on Tuesday, April 7th.   After the webinar, participants will be contacted to confirm their interest in continuing and their commitment to meet the LCMP expectations for the upcoming cohort.  Interested in learning more?  Take this short survey to get started!

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