Feb 13: Fossil Fuel Divestment Day

Join college students around the globe who are joining together to take action on Fossil Fuel Divestment Day (F2D2).

Here at Pitt, Fossil Free Pitt has been working for over 5 YEARS for the university to put people over profit, to stop making money off the destruction of the planet and to divest from fossil fuels.

Five years is enough! On September 27th 2019, Fossil Free Pitt put forward an official demand that Pitt vote to divest from fossil fuels on February 28th, 2020. Admin has given FFP every possible excuse while they continue to be complicit in the destruction of the planet. It's time to act.

So on February 13th we’re coming together to join the global call for fossil fuel divestment. We believe that students are the most powerful force on every campus, and when we fight together we can win. On F2D2 we’re joining together to demand a transparent and accountable university that acts in the best interest of students and planet.

The time is noon; the exact location will be announced *the day of the event* so keep an eye out on the Facebook event for more details!

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