Aug 20: Election security (County Council)

Election Security in Allegheny County? 
Will it get better or worse?

Allegheny County Council August 20, 2019

The County is selecting new voting equipment, but the process is not transparent.  The options include voting equipment the Blue Ribbon Commission on Pennsylvania's Election Security found to be vulnerable and lacking voter-verifiable ballots.*  The Mueller report underscores the fact that this is a national security issue.  Our democracy is at stake.  What goes on behind closed doors in Allegheny County?

County Council will express the public’s concerns about election security on August 20, 2019.  Their proclamation honoring the Blue Ribbon Commission on Pennsylvania's Election Security will also put a spotlight on the County’s upcoming decision about new voting equipment.  County Council has no direct authority in selecting the new equipment, but it can address the powers that be through this proclamation.

Please come to the County Council meeting on August 20th;  the bigger the crowd the more seriously they'll take this issue.

5 p.m. at the Allegheny County Courthouse (4th floor Gold Room, at 436 Grant St., 15219)

The Blue Ribbon Commission on Pennsylvania's Election Security presented its study and recommendations In January 2019.

* A hand-marked paper ballot is inherently voter verified because the voter filled it out. In contrast, voting machines with an electronic touch screen that produces a paper ballot with the voter's choices cannot be voter verified. The problem is these ballots have barcodes, and barcodes can be manipulated. Humans cannot read bar codes so they can’t verify these ballots are accurate.

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