Jan 25: Fracking and Air Quality

Clean Air Council invites residents of Braddock and the surrounding communities to learn more about the hazardous emissions from the Edgar Thomson Steel Works and to discuss the potential impacts of the proposed unconventional natural gas drilling in the area. Join your neighbors to learn more about the facts, to discover how you can help your community, and to sign a petition to the Allegheny County Health Department. There will be presentations on the Edgar Thomson facility and fracking followed by Q&A.

Unconventional natural gas drilling (more commonly known as fracking) is moving into Western Pennsylvania at an alarming rate. One of the newest sites for drilling may be the Edgar Thomson Steel Works in Braddock, which is an area that already experiences significant pollution from the Steel Mill. If you are interested in finding out more about the potential impacts of fracking or learning about how the Edgar Thomson Works has been emitting more into the air than it is legally allowed by its Title V permit, you should check out this event. Invite your friends in the area. Get involved, and make your voices heard. Change begins with you. 

**Note that while there will be presentations on fracking and Edgar Thomson, the main focus of the event is to bring together concerned citizens and give them an opportunity to brainstorm ideas and learn about what they can do to make a difference in their community.

6-8 p.m. at the Braddock Carnegie Library (419 Library St. Braddock, PA 15104).  Contact Kelly Yagatich if you have any further questions. 

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