Sep 26: Town Hall on Water

Speak up! Speak out! Pittsburgh is not only facing a lead crisis, but our water rates are rapidly rising and many of our neighborhoods have been under "Flush and Boil" advisories in the past year. 

Want to learn about what is happening at PWSA and what you and your neighbors can do to ensure ensure safe, affordable, publicly controlled water? Join us for a Town Hall hosted by the Our Water Campaign! 

Together, we’ve accomplished a lot:

- Free water filter program 
-Halted dangerous partial line replacements 
-Passed legislation that supports low-income residents in need of line replacements
- Worked with the PWSA Affordability Committee to ensure affordable water in PGH!

That's a lot to win and the biggest reason we've won that is because we have been able to work WITH our public water authority to begin solving these problems. However, IMG, a Maryland based consultant group, is pushing for corporate takeover of PWSA. Our water is too important to be left in the hands of a for-profit corporation.

We’ve already experienced French-based company, Veolia, come in, take over our water system, cut costs to make $11 million in profit for themselves, and leave us with lead in our water, billing problems, and a broken water system.

It's time to come together to say that we stand with the Mayor on his commitment to a public solution to our city's water issues. We can’t bring Reagan era policies back, we need to prioritize people over profits and ensure safe, affordable, public water for Pittsburgh!

6-8 p.m. at Pittsburgh UNITED (841 California Ave Ste 3, 15212).  Free, dinner provided, family-friendly, 120 free water filters!  Check in on Facebook.

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