Jul 1: Pittsburgh March Against War

The unilateral military actions and proposals of the Trump administration threaten to draw the United States deeper into the cycle of perpetual war.  We believe ordinary people, through bold, nonviolent activism, have the power to stop the next conflict. 

We seek to rebuild the mass anti-war movement by opposing military spending increases, the irresponsible use of force abroad and the outsized role of the military industrial complex, with a large demonstration on July 1 -- the Pittsburgh March Against War. 
Pittsburgh must stand united in its opposition to a growing militarism that has sparked reactionary movements around the world, threatens to slash social service budgets and allows private corporations to profit excessively off of the production, and ultimate use, of destructive weaponry.

Participants will assemble in Schenley Plaza (4100 Forbes Ave, Pittsburgh 15260) at 1 p.m. for a rally under the tent with speakers and music, followed by a march through Oakland at 1:30.  Along the way will be a few tops where marchers will voice disapproval of local institutions that profit from war.  The march will end in front of the Cathedral of Learning, on Bigelow Blvd. 

Featured musical performers include Raging Grannies of Pittsburgh and Dan Schlegel.

For more information, please contact: antiwarpgh@protonmail.com

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