Dec 11: How to talk to Trump-supporting kin

End White Silence:  
Talking Trump This Thanksgiving
The Holiday season is upon us! With the recent election behind us, a continued commitment to anti-racism lies ahead. When you encounter family over dinner this holiday season and the election inevitably comes up, what will you say? What are you going to say to your family that voted for Trump? What are you going to say to family members that claim everything would have been fine if Hillary was elected? We are so excited about the success of and interest in our last workshop that we will be teaming up again with Dave & Erin to bring you a new and improved one!
Dave and Erin Ninehouser of HearYourselfThink and the Thomas Merton Center will be holding a workshop to help white folks have the uncomfortable conversations surrounding the recent election with families this holiday season.  In a country where identity and party affiliation are so deeply entrenched in who we are, HearYourselfThink asks how do we deprogram ourselves and our family members from toxic media messaging?  Marni and Gabe will share resources for white people engaging in anti-racist work and discuss some concerns other organizers have shared about engaging with the recent election results. 

This workshop is tailored for white participants, but people of color are welcome.  This workshop will be more interactive than the last session, with role-playing built into the presentation.  If you came to our last one, you are still welcome to attend!  Come join a two-and-a-half-hour workshop addressing these issues, and walk away with tools to have these conversations. 

1:30- 4:30 p.m. at 1 Smithfield St, Downtown, in the Liberty Room this Sunday, December 11th f Doors open at 1:30.  The workshop runs 2-4:30 p.m.
RSVP is required: .
Feel free to contact Gabe with any questions 412-719-3424.
Childcare will be provided. Please sign up on the RSVP form.  We will kindly ask for donations for our volunteer providing childcare.

About the presenters:
      The HearYourselfThink Project ( is a 501(c)3 non-profit fighting against fake news and its harmful effects on the minds of American citizens.  With a decade of experience knocking on 100,000 doors throughout the Rust Belt, the team at HYT has developed a proven methodology to help people break free from the fear-inducing narratives of Fox News and other right-wing media and to rebuild the habits of critical thinking that are the foundation of democracy itself.  Dave and Erin Ninehouser of HearYourselfThink can teach you how to break down walls of polarization, cultivate self-reflection and create moments of insight about media influence.

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