Apr 9: Whole System Sustainability workshop

This PASA workshop takes a look at the sustainability of the farm system as a whole, through an exploration of renewable energy use and strategies to increase efficiency.  These strategies will help to improve business operations, reduce long-term costs, and reduce one’s carbon footprint and environmental impact.

Host Joe Bozzelli of Five Elements Farm will demonstrate his solar energy systems—both passive and active, as well as off-grid and grid-tied systems.  He’ll discuss the design of his straw-bale constructed home and the elements that makes it highly energy efficient.  And finally, he’ll discuss considerations of human energy, through development of the land, including placement of buildings and other elements in relation to each other.
Guest presenters will also be on-site to discuss and demonstrate water catchment and stormwater management options, considerations for solar energy installation, and ways that consumers can plug into renewable energy on the grid through their supplier.  Attendees will leave with connections to companies that may provide the “next steps” in the process for increasing the sustainability of one’s home, farm, or business.  Presenters include DECO ResourcesEnergy Independent Solutions, and our sponsor, Green Mountain Energy.  Equipment will also be available from Zero Fossil Energy Outfitters to demonstrate their “Bikerator,” a bike-powered generator used at this event to power an electric blender.  Come try your legs on the bike and enjoy a smoothie afterward!
1-4 p.m. at Five Elements Farm (405 Hogg Rd., Worthington, PA 16262).  $10 PASA members, $15 nonmembers.  Sponsored by PASA and Green Mountain Energy.  More information and online registration here.
Five Elements Farm is a family farm located in Worthington, PA.  Farmers Sara and Joe Bozzelli believe in growing simple, whole, healthy foods for their family and community, which is evidenced in their farm’s motto: “Family Food. Fresh & Simple.”  The land was a blank canvas when they began building their home in 2007, having previously been grazed for years by cattle, and then planted with corn and soybeans prior to their purchase.  Now, the farm is managed with as much reliance on the natural processes of the land and its inhabitants as possible.  All food produced at Five Elements Farm is Certified Naturally Grown, including vegetables and free-range eggs.  They operate a Market Style CSA, which allows them to meet the needs of their CSA members and their farm operation.  In addition to their growing practices, Five Elements Farm seeks to serve as a model of sustainability through their reliance on appropriate technologies to reduce their energy use and environmental impact.

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