Aug 1: Fundraiser for future Senator Joe Sestak

Thanks to Fred Kraybill for this one.
This spring, I had the pleasure of joining Admiral Joe Sestak for a couple of miles of his epic walk across Pennsylvania.  Our conversations on the road and elsewhere, and seeing him speak and take questions from fellow Pittsburghers, have left me with an impression of commitment, passion, ethics, statesmanship, and progressive values.
In 2010 I made phone calls, and canvassed for Joe on doorsteps in parts of Pittsburgh I didn't know existed.  In the end, he narrowly lost to Republican Pat Toomey, and we've all seen where that has led us (see below for informative links).  This time, we're upping our game:  in order to give more local folks a chance to meet and talk with Joe, and to help line his coffers for the long road still ahead, Neil and I are hosting a fundraiser!

Please join us to meet and support Joe Sestak in his campaign to be the next U.S. Senator from Pennsylvania.  A former Navy Admiral and U.S. Congressman, Joe kicked off his Senate campaign by walking 422 miles across the Commonwealth, from Philadelphia to the Ohio border.  At each stop, he spoke at length with local residents about issues affecting Pennsylvanians, and heard their concerns.  Come and sit with us to hear what Joe has learned, not just from the walk, but also from his vast experience as he lays out what he will stand for in the U.S. Senate so that we may hold him accountable -- as put forward in his book, Walking in Your Shoes to Restore the American Dream.

4:30 at Neil & Maren's house in Frick Park.  All the details and online RSVP are on the official invitation.  Minimum donation is $100;  attendees can either contribute online or bring a check to the event.  After you RSVP, you'll receive an email with directions and other information.  

If you need any further convincing about Joe's merits, here are a bio, a comparison of Sestak's and Toomey's careers,  a quick comparison of their records on a few key issues, and more detailed contrast sheets on a whole host of topics.
Host Committee

Maren Cooke & Neil Donahue, PhDs
Hazel & Joseph Alan Cope
  Zelda Curtiss, Esq.  
  Patricia DeMarco, PhD
  David Eibling, MD
  Dorcas Evans-Miller
  Ron Gaydos & Eva Hui
  Walter Goldburg, PhD
  Barb & Dave Grover
  Joe & Wanda Guthrie
Jonathan Harris
  Chris Horwitz & Pamela Murray 
  Fred Kraybill
 Marc & Christine Mondor, AIAs
  Ken Regal & Judith Ruszkowski
    Abby Resnick, MA & Roger Day, ScD
    Briget Shields
    Sam Taylor, PhD & Michael Douglas Henderson
    Tom & Judy Thompson

  Bruce Wilder, MD

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