Feb 23: Indoor local market

The list of vendors is not yet complete, but Elizabeth is poised to bump up from her previous home-style market to a larger venue, Juniper Village, a retirement home right there in Forest Hills for this Saturday's indoor market. The Post-Gazette's Doug Oster will do a talk on organic gardening during Market, as well, so come for all the food, and learn something new, as well.  And in the meantime, the Post-Gazette has an article on the event.

Indoor Spring Market
 will be February 23rd, 10am-12pm, down at Juniper Village in the Bryn Mawr section of Forest Hills. (http://www.junipercommunities.com/FHhome.php).

A partial list of those who will be selling their wonderful, handmade/local wares includes:

Her Bold Farm (winter organic vegetables, homemade breads, farm-fresh eggs, chocolates)
Flower & Bee Honey (honey, infusions, skin care products)

MoTeasa Tea Blends (handcrafted teas)
DJ's Butcher Block (artisanal sausages)
Love Heals (natural skincare products)
M&M Robertson's Farm (heirloom seeds, garden tools, books)
MyGoodies Bakery (vegan baked goods)
Full Circle Soil (vermicompost)
Najat's Cuisine (authentic Lebanese food)

('Still waiting to hear about handmade soaps, fresh chickens and even more veggies!)

Background: We've done three markets, two last spring, one before the holidays in 2012. The market was born out of a realization that in winter - after the traditional farmers markets are finished - small scale, local producers of food/veggies and/or those make natural food-based products have few places to sell their wares. (Grocery chains may have "natural" food, but they buy in bulk to make more profit, whereas this market features small-batch products...hand-made, artisanal goods.) At the same time, a growing number of people are recognizing the many benefits of eating/buying real food and are at a loss to find what they came to love at the weekly markets in the summertime. 

Solution? A late winter, early spring Indoor Farmers Market.

Previous markets were very small scale and happened in my house, but the interest in a winter market has grown, and so have we! Because I do a weekly Self-Shiatsu class at Juniper Village with the residents, I know how much they enjoy unusual, old-timey things, so having the market right their where they live is a bonus for everyone when it's cold and wintry outside. 
Join us on Saturday, please tell your friends, and come learn about real food and organic gardening.

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