Oct 19: ALCOSAN Wet Weather Plan hearing

Nearly every time it rains, millions of gallons of raw sewage overflow from our sewer systems into our rivers and streams.
ALCOSAN, our region's sanitary authority, is charged with creating a plan to fix this huge problem. Their proposal to fix our sewer system involves burying multiple miles of subway-sized tunnels underneath our rivers that won't completely stop the overflows, and will cause huge disruptions to our riverfronts and our environment. These tunnels will do nothing to mitigate flooding, revitalize struggling neighborhoods, clean our air, or address any of the other major challenges facing our region.

The kicker? These tunnels carry a price tag of more than $2 Billion - that is more than Heinz Field, PNC Park, the Convention Center, and the North Shore Connector combined, and your sewer bill will more than double to pay for them!
If you don't want to see your money get buried in tunnels under the river, RSVP to join us on October 19th!
The Clean Rivers Campaign is calling on ALCOSAN to solve this problem using green solutions that will not only clean our water, but will create family-sustaining jobs, rebuild our neighborhoods, clean our air, and result in the most benefit for the least cost to our community!

If you would like to attend, but need transportation to ALCOSAN, please let the NMRWA know at info@ninemilerun.org by 5 PM on Wednesday, October 17th.
This will be the last chance for public comment on ALCOSAN's plan, so be sure to join NMRWA and the Clean Rivers Campaign on October 19th and make your voice heard!
If you are unable to attend on Friday, October 19th, but still want your voice to be heard, consider attending the Pennsylvania Interfaith Impact Network's Public Action Meeting on Thursday, October 18th, as this issue will be covered at that meeting with local elected officials. Also, you may submit comments directly to ALCOSAN through their WWP eComment Form.

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