Sep 28-30: Allegheny Defense Project fall gathering

The Allegheny Defense Project (ADP) is holding its 19th Annual Fall Gathering at the Homestead of Bill and Mary Belitskus near the Allegheny National Forest (ANF). The theme this year is "Defend Your Place." 
The Allegheny National Forest and its communities are targeted as resource colonies for unconventional shale gas extraction from foreign oil companies like Royal Dutch Shell.  Shell just received almost $2 billion in taxpayer handouts from our legislators to construct an ethane plant in western Pennsylvania. This climate changing fossil-fuel boondoggle will be fed through a maze of taxpayer subsidized wells and pipelines from the Allegheny forest and surrounding area.
Please join the Allegheny Defense Project in defending "our" place (water, air and soil) and celebrating our work of defending the Allegheny.  Take part in the camaraderie with fellow activists while camping, hiking, participating in workshops, listening to music, eating great food, and just having fun!
The Fall Gathering is a family oriented event providing time for Allegheny Defense Project members, supporters and “environmentally conscious” individuals to come together in the fall to camp, hike, eat and learn about issues impacting the Allegheny National Forest, Pennsylvania’s only national forest.
This year's Fall Gathering is RSVP only so that we can send you directions to the location and plan for food. (we will be asking for donations for each meal, or a donation of  $25 for the weekend). Meals are vegan and vegetarian, but feel free to bring your own supplies to supplement.  Visit the event web site for the event schedule, map (the event is in Kane, PA), contact information, and online registration.

You can come out and spend whatever time you have whether its for one event, a meal, any day, the whole weekend, or just stop by for the campfire in the evening. If you can provide a dish, or can help with kitchen duties please let us know :) Please also bring all of your own camping equipment including cup, plate, and spoon. If you would like to join us, but do not have equipment, we may be able to hook you up with some...let us know!

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