Jul 28: Stop the Frack Attack in DC

From California to New York, from North Dakota to Texas, people across the country are converging on the U.S. Capitol to tell Congress, the President and the world to end the rush to drill and STOP THE FRACK ATTACK.
Stop the Frack AttackJoin a nationwide coalition of citizens, communities and organizations declaring that the time is NOW to use our collective power to end oil and gas drilling that harms public health, water and air quality, and the climate.  The oil and gas industry will stop at nothing to burn all of America's supply of oil and gas.   In the past few years they've drilled thousands of new wells using the dangerous extraction process called hydraulic fracturing ('fracking') which uses millions of gallons of water and toxic chemicals to release natural gas.

Communities coast-to-coast have seen toxic fracking wells drilled beneath schools, in public parks, and in dense residential neighborhoods. That kind of recklessness is a dangerous sign of addiction - and it's time for it to stop.

Until now, the fight against fracking has mainly taken place in city councils, school boards and statehouses -- where it will, and must, continue. But on July 28th, anti-fracking activists are uniting as a national movement for the first time in Washington DC to demand our leaders stop the oil industry's reckless drive for profit.

We're expecting thousands of people to take a stand together - can you be there to join them?  Click here to find out more!

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