Apr 12: Revenge of the Electric Car

They declared them dead, but they're alive -- alive! 

Watch The Revenge of the Electric Car and see real electric cars and other alternative fuel vehicle demos.
In 2006, as many as 5,000 modern electric cars were destroyed by the major car companies that built them.
Today, less than five years later, the electric car is back ... with a vengeance. In Revenge of the Electric Car, director Chris Paine takes his film crew behind the closed doors of Nissan, GM, the Silicon Valley start-up Tesla Motors, and an independent car converter named Greg "Gadget" Abbott to find the story of the global resurgence of electric cars. Without using a single drop of foreign oil, this new generation of automobiles is America's future: fast, furious, and cleaner than ever.
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6 p.m. at the Kelly-Strayhorn Theatre, 5941 Penn Avenue in East Liberty.  Admission is free for PennFuture members, and $8 for others, and includes delicious Pittsburgh Popcorn, beer, and/or soft drinks.  Space is limited -- register online or by calling 717-214-7920.
Revenge of the Electric Car is part of FutureFest! Don't forget to register for our other hot events for a cool planet: The Electrifying Future of Efficiency and Clean Energy Matters.

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