June 29: Public Hearing on Clean Construction bill

Important Public Hearing: Clean Air Bill for Pittsburgh  

After hearing public comment, Pittsburgh City Council will hold a Preliminary Vote on a bill To Reduce Diesel Emission from Construction Equipment used in Publicly-Funded Development.” 
10 a.m. to noon on the 5th Floor of the City-County Building, 414 Grant St. Pittsburgh, 15219

The public will be able to comment at this meeting without prior registration.  If you are at all able, please attend this important City Council session.  There are still swing votes on Council, and it is essential that we fill Council Chambers to demonstrate public support for this legislation.  
Diesel emissions are a prime cause of air pollution in a city that is often given the title “Most Livable.”  Let’s make it “More Livable” for all!

  • Diesel emissions harm our health, our environment and our economy.
  • Publicly-funded development should be a partner in protecting our health and environment.
  • Diesel soot cancer risk in Pittsburgh area is 124 times greater than EPA’s acceptable cancer level of 1 in a million. Our risk is 1 in 8,064.
  • Pittsburgh area workers projected to miss 5,666 days of work in 2011 because of unnecessary exposure to diesel fine particles.
  • Kids’ emergency room visits for asthma-like symptoms 400% higher in Pittsburgh than other cities.
  • Black carbon, emitted by diesel vehicles, is one of the largest contributing pollutants to global warming.
  • The Clean Air Bill will require that contracts for publicly-funded development in the City of Pittsburgh must ensure that all diesel vehicles on site to have the Best Available Diesel Control Technology installed and that ultra low sulfur diesel fuel is used by construction vehicles

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