May 10: Feeding the Earth workshop

Learn why composting is one of the most hopeful frontiers in our world, and ways that each of us can help move it in the right directions.

Controlling Invasive Plants
Over the past two decades, backyard composting has become increasingly popular among households in many countries, and growing numbers of institutional food-waste generators (restaurants, cafeterias, supermarkets) have begun to divert their organic waste to composting facilities. In this slide-show-based lecture, Nick Shorr argues that these twin movements may offer a shift in our relations to Nature that is of historic proportions.

7-9 p.m. at the Phipps Garden Center, 5th & Shady in Shadyside, Pittsburgh. $10 per session ($15 for couples). Includes hand-outs and refreshments. For more information, email Nick Shorr, or call him at: (412) 488-7490 ext. 232. To sign up for a Feeding the Earth workshop, click here! Prepayment is not required for registration.

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