Oct 23: Prepare Faire in Friendship Park

As summer fades and the leaves change, so do the types of things that can be considered useful. Instead of fans and sunglasses, rakes and warm hats become more common.

It is with this in mind that East End Mutual Aid would like to announce the Prepare Faire: A Really, Really Free Market to Share the Harvest and Get Ready For the Cold.

This event will be held Saturday, October 23rd from 2pm-6pm in Friendship Park. Unlike the prev
ious two Share Faires, in which we put out an open call for people to bring any potentially useful items to be shared with their neighbors, at this event we are asking you to bring items specific to the fall and winter months. There will be warm apple cider, hot chocolate, and various pies.

Items to bring:
Warm blankets
Shovels/Ice scrapers
Halloween costumes
Other winter items!

And feel free to bring some seasonal food items to share!

We’ll see you in Friendship Park on October 23!
Bring your fall and winter items to share, and we can all look forward to the coming months with a greater sense of comfort and togetherness.

2-6 p.m. in Friendship Park (Friendship Ave and S. Mathilda St., Pittsburgh).
East End Mutual Aid 412-385-3362

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