June 5: Love Your Watershed Day

Love Your Watershed Day is a community celebration of the work and organizations that are committed to making Wilkinsburg a better place. Come and listen to live music, enjoy food from Wilkinsburg favorites, watch live art, and have fun at the block-party in your own backyard.

The Nine Mile Run Watershed Association has been working hard to have a positive impact in Pittsburgh for over eight years and a watershed/neighborhood/awareness day is the perfect way to make communities aware of the projects going on and how they can learn more and become involved.

The ‘Love Your Watershed Day’ event will take place in and highlight the projects relating to the community of Wilkinsburg and will be a concluding event for World Environment Day. The event will be held on a Saturday, June 5th from 12:00pm to 5:00pm on the corner of South Avenue and South Trenton Street near the newly constructed Peebles Square project and will feature various local and watershed-friendly organizations and activities.

Supporting Nine Mile Run with Love Your Watershed Day are The Sprout Fund, Action Housing, GTECH, The Student Conservation Association, Frick Environmental Center, Wilkinsburg Block Club Association, and the Pittsburgh Parks Conservancy.

12-5 p.m. at the corner of South Trenton & South Avenue in Wilkinsburg. Come dressed to get dirty! For more information or to volunteer your time for the event, contact Luke at 412.371.8779 ext. 120 or at luke@ninemilerun.org.

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