Mar 9: Transition Towns coming to Pgh

TransitionPGH is a volunteer network of support for low-energy living in the Pittsburgh Bioregion. TransitionPGH is the hub from which neighborhood-sized transition initiatives can launch. The goal of each initiative is to establish a collective 20-year vision, determine the steps, and then execute what's called the Energy Descent Action Plan (EDAP) to accomplish each vision for each neighborhood in Pittsburgh.

This is the first public meetup of TransitionPGH. We are working together to build awareness for energy descent and ultimately to establish Pittsburgh as a premier Transition Town Hub.

Join us for a free screening of InTransition, the Official Transition Movie, followed by small group discussion and networking. We'll collect and compile your ideas and provide them back to the group via email.

7:00-9:00pm at the First United Methodist Church, on the corner of Center & Aiken in Shadyside. For more information contact or check out RSVP Here :

You can watch the Movie here:

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