Jul 22: Permaculture and justice in Guatemala

Indigenous Education in Guatemala: Ending a Legacy of Genocide
Join us for a teach-in and conversation about a great new education/school project 

Survivors of Guatemala ́s genocide are creating a new kind of education for their children. The residents of one rural Maya village, Copal AA la Esperanza, have founded a community-run middle school that focuses on indigenous culture, human rights, and sustainable forestry. Students and teachers from the school have also been active in opposing hydro-electric dams and petroleum extraction in their region.
Join us for a speaking event with indigenous leader Magdalena Garcia Domingo to learn how you can support their efforts. 

As a child, Ms. Garcia was forced to flee her home during the Guatemalan military's campaign of genocide against the Maya people. Growing up in refugee camps, she quickly became a leader in the organization, Mama Maquin, which fought for women's participation in the refugee return to Guatemala in 1993. After the return, she was elected to the Parent's Committee of the New Dawn Maya Middle School to provide indigenous-centered education for youth in her community. 

1 p.m. at 827 North Sheridan Avenue, 15206.  Note: This is a fundraising event for the school.
For more info and to RSVP, contact 
        mb.steisslinger@gmail.com / 412-916-8716
        copalaa2003@yahoo.com / 614-572-6344

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