Dec 2: Power Pittsburgh Forward rally

In the aftermath of our Mayor publicly announcing that Pittsburgh would run on 100% renewable electricity by 2035, and over 500 local leaders being trained by Al Gore and colleagues at the Climate Reality Workshop, this is our moment to seize our vision for an equitable, sustainable future for Pittsburgh.

The Power Pittsburgh Forward rally aims to bring together faith groups, government, community groups, energy workers, non-profits and the indigenous population for a broad perspective on what this transition could mean.  Changes are coming, but our vision and how that happens should come from our communities, particularly the most impacted.

Come hear from community leaders from all walks of life, and take immediate action with many local organizations: from helping to build a mural project, letter writing, video story capturing, to making calls to legislators, this will be a great opportunity to connect to our broader community and make a difference.

Interested in tabling?  Sign up here and our event organizers will be in touch ASAP!

The rally will mark the beginning of our community dialogue tour, going neighborhood to neighborhood, group to group, dialoguing and envisioning of energy future for Pittsburgh.

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