Mar 7: Dinner and a Documentary

Millions of people in the most vulnerable regions around the world are already being forced to leave their homes because of climate change.  Almost 40 percent of all the US carbon emissions come from buildings, both residential and commercial.  In many European countries energy efficient, climate friendly homes are common.  These low-carbon homes are popping up around the US too.  In the ninth episode of Kirsi Jansa's Sustainability Pioneers, Home Sweet Home, we follow a couple who is building a “passive house” – a tightly insulated low energy home – in the Pittsburgh area.  We also visit a 100-percent electric straw bale house in Butler County and explore how performing an energy audit in an old home can reduce energy bills and climate pollution.
Join Green Building Alliance, Passive House of Western PA, Carnegie Mellon University, and Conservation Consultants, Inc. to enjoy Dinner and a Documentary -- the premiere screening of the latest episode of Sustainability Pioneers, and panel discussion with filmmaker Kirsi Jansa, several people profiled in the episode, and local experts on home energy conservation.

6-8 p.m. at the Mellon Institute auditorium (Bellefield Avenue in Oakland).  Cost:  $10-25 (depending).  Register online here.

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