Oct 16: Orienteering in Boyce Park

Want to get out and about on one of our beautiful fall days?  There's an orienteering event coming up at Boyce Park (west side, Patrol I shelter), hosted by the Western Pennsylvania Orienteering Club.  Orienteering is an outdoor activity in which participants locate flags in the woods (and generally outdoors), using a specially-designed topographic map and compass.  It can be competitive, in which participants try to find the sequence of flags as quickly as possible, or it can be non-competitive, in a leisurely hiking mode.  The event is open to registration and starts anytime between 10:45 AM and 2:00 PM, during which any participant can start at any time (there is no mass-start time).  The event will close at 3:30 PM, at which time no one should be still on the course (everyone should have returned to the finish).

This will be a sprint event; that is, all of the courses will be short. "Sprint" does not mean you have to run.  The course director has designed four sprint courses, two are at the beginner/novice level and are about 2 to 2.5 km in length and two are at the advanced level and are 3 to 3.5 km in length. Registration and start are from 11 am to 2 pm and the map fee is $6 (Group or family doing event together with one purchased map, total cost for the entire group is still just $6). Because the courses are short, ONE MAP FEE will give you entry to TWO SPRINTS; you may choose which two. It is a good idea to come early so you can rest a little between the two sprint courses. Sprints provide a good opportunity for less experienced orienteers to try an advanced course that is not very long or for orienteers who normally walk a course to try running without becoming too exhausted because of the length.

Don't forget, if you are bringing a minor who is not your son or daughter, you need to bring a waiver signed by the minor's parent (obtainable under Club Documents at www.wpoc.org ). 

Beginners welcome;  free instruction on site given by volunteers.  Driving directions to the park are here, along with a map.

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