Sep 24: Environmental Grief gathering

Edge of the Wild, An Environmental Grief Gathering - Ecopsychology practices for resilience.
We need resilience to face not only our personal challenges but also the environmental disturbances that we see, hear about, and experience every day.  Grief does not only arise from the death of a loved person. We are witnessing the death of many species, landscapes, and cultures, and these losses are as crippling and heartbreaking. 
To face the world the way that it is takes courage and a unique strength.  By speaking about the environmental losses we notice (and deny), we discover our inner resources and our capacity to respond.  As we admit to our fears and sorrows about what is happening in the world, we learn how to transmute the blocked energy of numbing into the flow of grief, strengthening us to take a stand and protect nature and ourselves.
The group will gather on this healing land to create a safe container to experience the art and craft of grief.  The ecopsychology practices taught in the Work That Reconnects* and by Radical Joy for Hard Times* will guide our experiential day of talking with the earth, witnessing and being witnessed, discovering tools of empowerment, and finding wonder amidst disturbing circumstances. 
The facilitators draw upon their diverse backgrounds in compassionate environmental activism, coaching and therapy to support this sacred work.

10 a.m. to 4 p.m., at the Edge of the Wild (an hour north of Pittsburgh).  Fee for materials, firewood, healthy lunch and snacks $85.00, students $65.00.  Registration required

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