Aug 19: Don't Just Sit There films at Phipps

Don't Just Sit There -- Do Something!  Laugh and learn while watching Joylette Portlock in her hilarious YouTube series.  Each short video features Portlock discussing a different piece of the climate change puzzle, integrating science, news and humor as she demonstrates easy actions viewers can take to combat environmental issues in their day-to-day lives. Portlock, who will lead conversation after the screening, is president of Communitopia, an organization dedicated to “making green mainstream.” After studying biology at MIT and receiving her Ph.D. from Stanford in 2006, she worked at The Climate Change Reality Project as well as PennFuture, resolving issues related to energy, air, water, mining and transportation.

7-9 p..m at Phipps Conservatory's Botany Hall (the small grand building to the left of the main conservatory).  

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