July 24: March for a Clean Energy Revolutio

In conjunction with the Democratic National Convention, there will be a Summit (Saturday the 23rd) and March (noon on Sunday) for a Clean Energy Revolution.  Buses are being arranged to bring participants from Pittsburgh to the march on Sunday;  lots more info below.

Why should you join us in Philadelphia?  Thousands will be coming together from across the country, meeting in the streets of Philadelphia, to peacefully march together and call on our elected leaders to ban fracking, keep fossil fuels in the ground, and quickly and justly transition to 100% renewable energy.  Our climate can't wait — we need decisive action, and that's why we'll be in Philly this summer.

March starts at noon, and includes Philadelphia City Hall, John F Kennedy Blvd & N Broad St, (Philadelphia, PA) -- More details here

Here are a few helpful links for planning your trip, and ways you can help: 
And last but not least, please consider making a donation to support the March for a Clean Energy Revolution. Your donation will help us get more people to Philadelphia by providing scholarships for transportation and housing.  Questions?  Contact Eva Westheimer, western PA organizer for Food & Water Watch:  ewestheimer@fwwatch.org513-600-0580

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