Jan 28: Climate change talk and discussion

There are skeptics, and then there are skeptics…  those that question, and those that simply refute.  
Climate change “skeptics,” or more aptly climate change deniers, are helping to speed us all on a path toward major disruption of the Earth’s climate system and everything that depends on it.  Dr. Maren Cooke will provide a window onto the science behind global climate change, debunk some common misconceptions (such as the fallacious “warming hiatus” you may have heard about), and talk about sources and sinks of carbon, important feedbacks, impacts around the world and here in our back yard, and what we may still be able to do about it.  

Maren is a planetary scientist and studio artist by training, but now concentrates on science and environmental education and activism on issues from climate change and air quality to land use, resource extraction, and energy generation.  She serves on the board of the Group Against Smog & Pollution (GASP) and the Environmental Committee of the Pittsburgh Botanic Garden, and works closely with several other environmental organizations.  She volunteers as an Urban Ecosteward, a Tree Tender, and a Master Gardener.  Maren initiated an Edible Schoolyard program at Colfax K-8 (together with Grow Pittsburgh), and has taught about gardening and permaculture there, at Langley K-8 in Sheraden, and at her home, helped found a nature education and stewardship program for schoolchildren in Frick Park, works with Pittsburgh Public summer school students in city parks and community gardens, and has occasionally taught environmental courses at CMU and Pitt.  She also operates an urban microfarm, supplying ultra-local organic produce and garden plants.  She maintains an online listing of environmental and social justice events and resources called MarensList, and hosts Sustainability Salons, a monthly environmental education forum and community gathering.

7-9:30 at the First Unitarian Church at 605 Morewood Avenue in Shadyside.  $5 suggested donation to the Pittsburgh Secular Freethinkers.  RSVP via Meetup here.

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