Aug 9: H20 In the Know workshop

​​Ever wonder why a street or basement floods?  Or how to build a rain garden?   Join the Larimer Green Team​ for their Annual Community Cookout and explore how water affects Larimer, and how to create easy and helpful water elements for your home, streets, and neighborhood.  

1 p.m. at the Larimer Village Green and Community Garden (Larimer Avenue + Mayflower Street).  Free, and open to all ages!!  Please register online at

*U R Here workshops are offered as part of Carnegie Mellon University’s 
 Architecture Explorations k-12 outreach program.  You can a
ttend this workshop and enroll in CMU's Saturday Architecture Camps for only $25!  For more information please contact Outreach Coordinator:  Samantha Carter, 412-268-5551 or email

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