Feb 26: Film screening, Hunting the Nightmare Bacteria

Food & Water Watch's local efforts to rein in factory farm abuse of antibiotics are picking up steam!  You are invited to a special opportunity to watch the PBS documentary, "Hunting the Nightmare Bacteria," to learn more about the problem and how you can get involved here in Pittsburgh.  There will also be food provided!  If you haven't seen the program, it's a must-watch warning on where modern medicine is headed unless we do something to protect our life-saving antibiotics from misuse on factory farms.  Here are the details: 

7 p.m. at the Allegheny Sierra Club office: 425 N. Craig St. Suite 202, Pittsburgh, PA 15213.  Free parking available.  Email Margaret to register, and for parking details.

Factory farms are abusing antibiotics — feeding daily, low doses to otherwise healthy animals to promote growth and prevent disease in filthy living conditions.  As a result, antibiotic resistant infections are becoming a serious public health threat, and the medicines we rely on may no longer work for us when we need them.  The good news is that we can do something about it.   Come out and join us to watch the film, eat some snacks, and find out more about the local movement!  

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