Jan 21: Healthy Farms, Healthy Families kickoff

Every year, 2 million people contract antibiotic-resistant infections.  Food & Water Watch thinks that's 2 million too many.  Unless we rein in the rampant use of antibiotics on factory farms, the medicines we rely on won’t work when we really need them. We have a chance to protect our antibiotics -- and public health -- starting here in Pittsburgh, and we need your help.

Join us in Pittsburgh to find out more about our new local campaign as part of a nationwide effort to rein in factory farms.  

6:30 - 7:45 p.m. at the Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh- East Liberty, Room 3B (130 S. Whitfield St., Pittsburgh, PA).    RSVP here to join the campaign to make factory farms stop abusing our antibiotics!

Right now, 80% of antibiotics in the US are used on factory farms, primarily to make animals grow faster and to compensate for filthy conditions.  This is not how antibiotics should be used.  Low doses of drugs only kill some of the bacteria, leaving behind the stronger bugs -- and when humans get sick, these antibiotics may no longer work to make us better.

We want to live in a world where life-saving medications will be there when our family members get sick, but factory farms are playing by their own set of rules and putting the rest of us in danger.  That’s why we're launching a nationwide effort right here in Pittsburgh, to pass local resolutions showing Congress and Senator Bob Casey that the people want action to ban the overuse of antibiotics on factory farms.  And we need your help!

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