Dec 2: Deadline for supporting Gas Rush Stories funding

Have you seen Gas Rush Stories?  Please help Kirsi get funding ($10,000) to continue her amazing documentary series about shale gas extraction, and vote for GRS Trailer at the Sprout Fund film competition. Watch the trailer and like it here BEFORE DEC 2nd:

And please serve the common good and get your peeps to vote for GRS also!  Six out of ten Americans don't know about shale gas drilling at the time when shale gas exploration is rapidly expanding. The academic community is feverishly trying to catch up with the development to be able to answer some very essential questions - like how much methane is leaking to the atmosphere from this development. The scientists that presented their work at Duquesne Facing the Challenges research symposium this week are VERY concerned about this  - and the main media stays pretty quiet about this.  Gas Rush Stories is an easy and old-school journalistic way to learn about this complex issue.

Here's the NYT's Andrew Revkin's Dot Earth blog yesterday, with his take on Gas Rush Stories:

Even more people need to see these films.  Kirsi wants to continue with GRS, but cannot do it without funding.  Please help her continue her work as a messenger of this highly important topic.  Go to the Sprout Fund site and Like her series (click the heart in the upper right), and share this posting!  Thanks.

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