Sep 24: Beyond Tunnel Vision goes local

The Pittsburgh Region Goes Green: Community Benefits from Local Green Infrastructure Projects
After a summer break, the Clean Rivers Campaign's "Beyond Tunnel Vision" Speaker Series is back.  This month, we are focusing on the Pittsburgh Region!  Throughout the series, the Clean Rivers Campaign has brought experts from other regions to talk about their green infrastructure projects.  Now, it is time to hear from our local communities!  Come learn about the projects that are happening in Etna, the City of Pittsburgh, Homestead/Munhall/W. Homestead, Millvale, and more.  Join us to learn how these local investments are helping to solve our water quality challenges AND bring great benefits to our community!  

In the Pittsburgh Region, we often hear people saying, "We can't do green infrastructure here. The slopes are too steep.  We get too much rain.  We have clay soil..."  and so much more!  But the truth is - We CAN do green infrastructure here AND people are already doing it!  We have challenges, but we also have opportunities.  In regions all over the country and here in Pittsburgh, people are meeting these challenges with creative, sustainable, green solutions that provide great benefits to the community!

Municipal and Community Leaders will share information about local green projects and their benefits with a reception, presentations and Q&A - with an introduction by Councilman Bill Peduto.

We love to highlight local successes!  If you have a poster you'd like to share about your successful green infrastructure project, contact us!

Reception (with food and drinks) at 6:00 pm;  presentations begin at 6:30 pm at the East Liberty Presbyterian Church Social Hall, 116 North Highland Avenue
Get more details (including a map) and RSVP here:

Join us on September 24th at 6pm to learn how the Pittsburgh region is making green infrastructure a reality!  RSVP today

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