Mar 25-26: Farm to Table Conference

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The 2011 Farm to Table Conference will provide opportunities for consumers in the Southwestern Pennsylvania region to learn more about the benefits of eating local food. This year's theme: Eat Local & Healthy All Year 'Round -- addressing the common misconception that local food is only available during the summer. The two-day conference is an immersion into the local food scene in Pittsburgh and Southwestern Pennsylvania. Conference highlights include speakers, cooking demonstrations, food samples, children's activities, and the opportunity to purchase food and wine directly from the vendors.
If you are a farmer, producer, restaurant or other business that supports eating local food then we want you at our conference! We have tiered sponsorship and exhibitor levels to accommodate many different types of businesses.

The annual conference provides opportunities for consumers in the Southwestern Pennsylvania region to learn more about the benefits of eating local food. This year's theme: Eat Local & Healthy all Year Round addresses the misconception that you can only eat local during the summer. Western Pennsylvania has many local food options, even now!

Main conference is 10 a.m. - 5 p.m. on Friday and Saturday at the David L. Lawrence Convention Center in downtown Pittsburgh. A Networking Breakfast is scheduled on Saturday, March 26 from 8 am - 10 am and a Local Food Tasting on Friday, March 25 from 5 pm - 8 pm. Ticket prices are lower this year,
and a 1 day ticket is now available ($10/day in advance, $15 at the door; food tasting is $25/30, breakfast is $10 with pre-registration required). Kids under 12 are free. Teachers in ACSHIC school districts will receive Act 48 credits for attending the sessions. For registration and more information, visit

Speakers and demonstrations on Friday:

Nutrition, Food & Fitness - Small Changes. . . Big Results (Mari V. Musial & Kelly Snyder, Family & Consumer Sciences Department, North Hills School District)

Fabrication of Whole Chicken, Utilization of Chicken Parts & Types of Chicken, (Chef Mike Lamantia, Parkhurst Dining)

Preserving the Harvest...Options Beyond Canning (Rhonda Schuldt, Local Goodness)

Why Now is the Time to go Solar (Brad Yocum, Astrum Solar)

Food, Farming and Famine (Cody Holmes, Rockin H Ranch and author of "Ranching Full-Time on Three Hours a Day")

Hot Water Bath Canning & Pressure Canning (Christine Tomasky, Kathleen Shearer, Lisa Adams, Rosary Acres)

How to ferment anything! The practice and health benefits of natural food fermentation (Scott Grzybek, Zukay Foods)

Traditional Diets and Raw Milk (Sally Fallon, Weston A. Price Foundation)

Bone Broths (Maureen Diaz, Chapter Leader)

Speakers and demonstrations on Saturday:

Shiitake Mushroons: Growing, Harvesting and Preparing (Claire
& Rusty Orner, Quiet Creek Herb Farm)

Cooking with Seasonal Foods (Chef Lisa Ferguson, Fabled Table)

Plants not Pills: How Foods Fight Cancer Cooking Class (Leah Lizarondo Shannon, The Cancer Project)

Our Sustainable Food Supply (Patty DeMarco PhD, Director,
Rachel Carson Institute, Chatham University)

Eating Local All Year Long in Western Pennsylvania (David Eson, Isidore Foods)

Plant Based Nutrition, Raw and Living Foods (Mandi S. Babkes MNH, HHC, AADP, Raw and Living Foods Chef)

Heritage Livestock Breeds: What They Are, Why They Matter & How
to Find Them (Emily Stevenson , Pleasant Valley Farm)

Food Blessing Meditation (Dorit Brauer, Meditation)

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Unknown said...

I hope the people of Southwestern Pennsylvania really embrace what this conference is trying to achieve. In these difficult economic times local communities really need to support each other. With something as simple as buying local produce the community is supporting the farmers and producers and keeping their own food bills down by purchasing food which is in season and plentiful.