Feb 19: Green Drinks on plastic to energy

Come and meet an exciting, experienced entreprenuer with a wide-range of experiences launching an innovative gasification techology that turns waste plastic into an alternative energy source.

Gerald Driggs is the CEO of a newly formed company called EcoClean Burners Incorporated. He has more than 30 years of experience as an entrepreneur, manager and strategic business planner. He is trained as an organizational development specialist and has applied those skills to various business ventures. He successfully launched three companies of his own in information technology fields creating information management applications such as outcome management systems for social service organizations and state-wide billing systems for special education services that have been replicated throughout the United States. He has served as COO in two “turn around” situations (one with an internationally recognized eco-fashion design and manufacturing firm), and with a Pittsburgh-based marketing firm. Most recently he served as the CEO of a consulting firm supporting more than 35 small businesses in southwestern Pennsylvania pursuing socially responsible business ventures. He is also an adjunct faculty member at the Art Institute of Pittsburgh.

EcoClean Burners is commercializing a pioneering combustion and burner technology that uses non-recyclable plastic as its fuel source. This alternative clean energy source creates heat that is used in traditional commercial (non-residential) boiler systems to produce hot water heat at a fraction of the costs now associated with traditional fuels such as heating oil and natural gas. The combustion technology is the first commercially viable application that uses waste plastic as a clean and efficient fuel source.

The EcoClean business uses unwanted and non-recyclable post-consumer plastic wastes from agricultural operations, recycling centers (curb-side pick-up), and certain commercial manufacturing establishments. These plastics will be processed by EcoClean and used as a clean burning fuel for heating buildings such as agricultural greenhouses, office buildings, commercial warehouses and any other building equipped with hot water boiler systems. We estimate that EcoClean burners will burn more than 150,000,000 pounds of waste plastic over the next 60 months.

This plastic-derived fuel technology creates new standards for other traditional fuel sources as well as other alternative energy sources to meet. Plastic waste is a by-product of either petroleum or natural gas. By using waste plastic as the basis of our certified fuel products, we are gasifying plastic back to its original molecular form and creating a new and clean energy source.

Green Drinks is back in downtown Pittsburgh -- at a great new home -- ready to have fun, meet new people, and socialize after work the 3rd Friday of February. Good eats and organic beer (free while it lasts).

5-9 p.m. at Mitchell's Restaurant, Bar & Banquet Center ( www.mitchells.tv ), 304 Ross St (at Third Avenue), Pittsburgh, PA 15219 (412) 471-3663; 2nd floor; smoke free.

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Mitchell's on Ross St. at Third
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